Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Knighton Family

These cousins always have so much fun when they are together! We also wanted to get a nice 4 generation picture with all the girls. We love our family so much!

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Christmas 2014

Christmas was splendid. It was nice to celebrate on our own for once. It was my first time making Christmas dinner by myself too! Jake got the Lego set he'd been dreaming of. He spent the ENTIRE day working on it, and did it all by himself. He's so smart! Claire got another "American Girl" doll and an easy bake oven. Sam got transformers and elephants. I got new running shoes and Chris got Apple TV. We missed the Christmas snow for about 1 minute on Christmas. We just love it here in AZ. There was also a debate with a young girl about the validity of a certain man in a red suit. That was hard for me. My little girl is growing up, and too soon.

Sam is on the potty train!

November was potty training month.. along with December, January, and February... and March. I hate potty training. And Sam was so awful in his only adorable way (aka wouldn't poop in the potty) and I thought Claire was tough.

But I can now say in April that Sam is potty trained!

We went to Mesa to see the Christmas lights. They were beautiful! I was so glad we went. Chris' family came to visit before Christmas which made it feel a little more like Christmas. It was so good to have them here, if only for a little bit!

Halloween 2014

Yes this is me trying to get some old posts up. We spent Halloween at the Anderson's house. The kids went trick or treating and then we played afterward. It was fun! There were like old people out trick or treating. Weird. Also Sam hated his gnome costume, so he ended up in his old dinosaur costume. Much better.