Tuesday, February 26, 2008


So this is Claire's new favorite phrase. She says it about 30 times a day. I'm embarrassed to say she got it from me, like most things, but she just thinks she is so old when she says it. She got a cute little magna doodle from Uncle Ben and Aunt Karen for her b-day and it has Barbie on it, wow! Every time she sees it, it's OH MA GOSH!

Other news for the moment, I had another dr. appt and everything seems good. Measuring right on: 25 weeks on Friday and I have finally put on weight, about six pounds in the last two weeks somehow. It was that horrible experience where you step on the scale hoping and praying they don't have to move you over to the bigger bar, sure enough they did, hello 150. I never craved so much candy and sweets with Claire, I can't stop and it's even worse that I am home all day with this pregnancy so I have plenty of time to make whatever I am craving at the time. Someone stop me!

Friday, February 15, 2008

2 year Pictures

Here they are. I will be sending out copies to everyone. Enjoy!

Potty Training

So maybe I'm crazy for trying to potty train Claire so early, but she seems like she's ready and boy have we had fun with it. She really likes wearing panties though she doesn't quite know how to pull them up all the way by herself yet. I'm sure I will get in trouble by someone for that photo. Yesterday she really wanted to wear panties. I came into to the room because I heard her throw something away in the garbage, which I always have to check to see who knows what she's put in there and she was completely naked from the waist down and had thrown her diaper away. Yeah, Claire! At least I think that's a good sign. So we put panties on and she just loves them, and she will even tell me when she needs to use the potty, the only problem is the gets stage fright when I get her on the pot and waits until I've left for three seconds, literally, to pee on the carpet somewhere. We're just hoping once she finally does go on the pot that it will somehow click in her brain and it won't take much after that. If anyone has some good advice as to how I can get her to actually pee in the potty, it would be gratefully appreciated. I swear she holds it until neither of us can stand being in the bathroom any longer to go. It does make me sad however that she is getting so old. Good thing I've got a new recruit coming in June!

Happy Birthday Chris!

So Chris turned the big 27 on Sunday. I personally am so glad he's older than me, it helps me prepare in advance for getting older, (I don't do birthdays well) don't get me wrong, I love the cake, food, presents, attention, etc. I just hate the getting older part. I hope he had a good day. We went to the Rexburg Temple dedication which was awesome, I made him a cake, and his mom made him his favorite meal, fried chicken and mashed potatoes. It was very delicious. He got a bunch of golf stuff, that I hope he likes. I guess that's all, just another year of birthdays done for our family. Now I can relax and start saving for next year! I hope Chris knows how much Claire and I love him and are grateful to have him in our lives.