Sunday, September 7, 2014

This week from my iPhone.

I'm just a puddle of injuries. Hurt my elbow super bad and thought it was dislocated. Luckily it was just really sprained and I got to wear this cute sling for a few days. Then I messed up my bad foot. Still can't walk on it very well. I'm sick of feeling old! 

The kids got "snackeeze" for working hard in school. Trying to reward good behavior over here! And Sam got one well cuz he's cute :) 

Asleep with a hot dog in each hand. 

Pudding. Or a creepy clown. 

Grand Canyon awesomeness. 

Hiking up the white tank mountains to see some cool petroglyphs. 

Lots of baking over here. Garlic knots, rolls, cinnamon rolls, bread sticks . I swear even though it doesn't feel like fall around here my brain KNOWS. 

Jake is finally DONE with the dentist for awhile. After a somewhat traumatic appointment where they almost made us LEAVE because jake was crying and they wanted to put him under,  I talked them in to letting us get it done. (I was not making Jake do this again, he was too upset!) And Jake did great once they got started. Bless the person who invented laughing gas!!

Merry go round at the zoo. It's been fun to have one on one time with my man baby. 

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The Grand Canyon

We made a quick trip to the Grand Canyon over Labor day weekend. Sadly we hadn't camped all summer so this was our last ditch effort to get in some good camping quality time.

We were awake early so we thought we would try to catch the sunrise over the canyon. Wow. So amazing. The sun coming over was so breathtaking. I'm so glad we hustled over there early.

We did a short little hike, but it was too steep and too close to the edge for my nerves so it didn't last long, but it was beautiful!

Along the drive there is a place with some old indian ruins we decided to tour.

The kids had fun learning to weave a blanket with the park ranger.

A cool view of the canyon from the watch tower. It was a good trip!