Wednesday, December 28, 2011

52 things to do in 2012

I have a hunch that 2012 is going to be a really good year. I haven't felt that way about the last few years, but I think it's going to be exceptional!

I wanted to look over last years "to do" list and see what got done and think of some new things for this year.

1. Do another Kathy Freston Cleanse done
2. Plant a rediculously awesome garden well we did a pretty good garden, I still have more ambitious things to do this year
3. Market my photography business more hmm did a few giveaways, that was it
4. Help Claire learn to read she is reading! I still want to spend more time on this for 2012
5. Appreciate my family more :) this is a work in never-ending progress
6. Do more service-service projects I made a couple quilts for the relief society quilt goal, I could have done much more.
7. Talk to my family more yes
8. Pay off student loan progress, but not finished
9. Pay cash for a new car nope, maybe by February??
10. Play lots of games with my kids I did really well at the beginning of the year,I'm sick of all our games. I think we need some new games!
11. Research what I need to know about school for Claire yes
12. Get pregnant Yes!
13. Start working on finishing my studio in the basement we did start, but not even close to done
14. Live with more confidence I don't know if I have more confidence, or I just care less now. Is that the same??
15. Learn to slim down my budget even more Did it, HARD!
16. Play lots of volleyball Got a bunch in at the first of the year. SO fun!
17. Understand the world of camera RAW not there yet
18. Eat like healthy people do Still trying to figure this out
19. Make a composting bin nope, next year maybe? Trying to figure this one out too, it's more complicated than it looks. I need a physics lesson from padre
20. Recycle more paper yep
21. Figure out how to get shiny hair nope
22. Put more into my calling never-ending :)
23. Write down things I'm grateful for everyday in my journal I forgot about this one, a good one, I think I will put it on the list again
24. Write more lists :) yep
25. Read lots more books on healthy eating, gardening, politics, emergency prep yep:) making a list already for 2012
26. Floss every night getting pretty good at this, still room for improvement, but I noticed my 6 month cleaning was WAY shorter.
27. Set up Jake's twin bed and REALLY decorate his room oh the agony! I am in the process, still need bedding, but on my way, everything is painted, the crib is nearly up.
28. Tame the paper mess wouldn't my husband just love me if I could actually do this
29. Perfect my pizza dough recipe I think we got pretty close once
30. Buy some real snow boots yep and they are toasty warm
31. Make a rain barrel nope
32. Get wheat for food storage yes!
33. Make home ground wheat bread yes!
34. Find some great healthy dessert recipes and actually make them found some, haven't made them
35. Continue with the Daily Docket I've revamped the daily docket. Next year I hope to put it into practice
36. Speak more kindly to my kids still room here for improvement too
37. Rediscover my creativity/crafty side a little bit
38. Find some awesome photog props about 2
39. Make curtains for kitchen yes! Decided to make 2 for the dining room too.
40. Stop what I'm doing and look at my children when they are talking to me :)
41. Put together all of Claire's drawings into a collection I did that at the beginning of the year, now she has started kindergarten and the paper mess is worse than ever, anybody have any good ideas here?
42. Take more baths yes
43. Be nicer to people I don't know yes
44. Make homemade pasta nope still on the list
45. Learn to like Yoga nope, I don't know if I ever will
46. Spend less time on the computer I think I've gotten worse, it's on the list again
47. Get rid of the VOLES I think they are gone! We will see after the winter is over, but we haven't had any since last winter
48. Flirt with my husband more :)
49. Prepare myself for the end of Oprah yes, I cried but I'm okay
50. Work on genealogy Forgot about this one. SO need to do this!
51. Go to the department store and get a makeover done
52. Have fun spending time with family yeah, we did a lot of great stuff.

So about half I can say I actually accomplished, it's been so good to have this to look back on!

So here is my list for 2012 I'm going to put mostly things that I can check off

1. Organize the daily docket into an actual book that I can carry with me
2. Finish decorating the boys room
3. Read at least 1 book a month
4. Make some cool HDR prints
5. Make homemade pasta
6. Give myself/get a pedicure once a month
7. Finish my wedding book
8. Get a deep freezer
9. Save for our family trip to Disneyland in December
10. Make curtains for the dining room
11. Do indexing once per month
12. Make Jacob a big boy blanket
13. Lose 5-8 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight
14. Get new family pictures taken in the fall
15. Get/make a new apron
16. Read the Bible all the way through
17. Set up blocks on the computer to limit internet use
18. Set up a reward/chore chart for the kids
19. Try 6 new vegan recipes
20. Do a newborn photo shoot with the baby
21. Take hand prints of the kids
22. Hang a decoration on the wall above our bed
23. Set up a hanging system for my backdrops
24. Make a composting bin!
25. Grow my own flowers from seed
26. De-clutter the basement
27. Make five crafts I've pinned from pinterest
28. Do 3 service projects
29. Get out my camera and take a picture and video of my kids at least weekly
30. Back up all my files
31. Make a blurb book for 2011
32. Make a list of family activities for 2012 and do them all
33. Find some cute decorations to put by my front door
34. Deep clean once a month
35. Help the kids set and accomplish goals for the New Year
36. Increase food storage
37. Plant grape vines in the garden
38. Make a Christmas calendar of all the things that need to be done before Christmas that I can use every year
39. Use the cash envelope system
40. Try 3 recipes from my Babycakes cookbook
41. Do a Jillian Michael's 30 day shred after the baby
42. Teach Jake all the letter sounds
43. Freeze leftover foods/veggies and turn them into soup
44. Go to Yellowstone Park
45. Make my husband feel special
46. Get a swing set for the backyard
47. Fix the paint in Claire's room
48. Stretch the carpet in the living room
49. Make freezer meals
50. Get a new plate/cup set
51. Think of something awesome to celebrate our 10 year anniversary
52. Do something I've never done before

Wow that took me like a week to think of 52 things to do for 2012. They are all goals I can check off. Hopefully by the end of the year they will be. I am so excited for this year!!!

Happy New Year's Everyone

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A post!

I've been a terrible blogger the last few months, hopefully it's because I'm pregnant and have no energy. I thought I would post a few random pictures of what we've been up to lately.

The kids decorated the christmas tree mostly by themselves. They did a great job! I wrapped a few presents and Jake opened one up the next morning. Hopefully that's all of the peeking we will have! I took a picture of them in their snow stuff, they both looked so cute. We haven't really had much snow but we got a little bit a few weeks back and I let them go out and play. I think they were out there maybe 5 minutes. But I had to document.

Monday, December 12, 2011

I am thankful for...

-healthy kids, all three!
-this time of year I get to spend with family
-a beautiful Christmas tree decorated by the kids, it's crazy but it turned out great.
-the bestest husband who supports me, adores me, and puts up with these pregnancy hormones.
-the BEAUTIFUL weather we've had
-time and means to develop my talents and hobbies
-modern conveniences that I take for granted everyday, washer and dryer, car, internet!
- all of my blessings both great and small.

Merry Christmas!

Saturday, December 10, 2011


We had an unusual Thanksgiving. The handle on the shower broke and we couldn't turn it off, so we had no water for 2 days. That made making thanksgiving food a bit difficult. Chris was able to sort of fix it on Friday until we got a new part for it on Monday. Luckily I wasn't doing the whole dinner. That night we went and did black friday shopping. We got a few good deals, but I'm not sure it was worth staying up the whole night. We met up with Marshall and Tiffany for part of it, which was fun.

Oh and you can see in the picture that Chris has a cast. He broke his hand playing basketball about a month ago and has since gotten the cast removed and is recovering. I'm glad I got at least one picture of it!