Monday, October 17, 2011

25 things that make me happy

1. neatly flattened cardboard cookie/cracker boxes
2. a new pile of coupons to go through
3. crossing things off my to do list
4. Claire's drawings
5. pinterest
6. writing in my journal
7. clean counters
8. hearing my kids funny answers to serious FHE questions
9. A nice fall day, where it's got a bit of cold, but it's still nice and warm when you get in your car
10. hubby squeezing me tightly
11. pumpkin patches
12. feeling baby roll around
13. boy/girl duets
14. being caught up on laundry
15. a perfectly ripe banana
16. Seeing Claire smile, and looking into Jakes eyes
17. capturing a perfect pose on a shoot
18. my garden
19. the end of a long day, when I can take my contacts out, get in my pjs and snuggle up in a blanket
20. warm fire in the morning
21. when Claire gets off the bus, and runs to greet me
22. a good back rub
23. projects
24. friday nights at our house
25. hearing my kids when they are in their 'can't stop laughing' mode