Saturday, February 18, 2012

Life goes on...

Look at that crew! Gosh Sam looks like a chunckster in this photo!

His favorite gals..besides mom of course!

Claire went to a rockstar birthday party and came home with this getup-so cute.

Life did seem to keep going even though I was hoping it would stand still with the arrival of baby Sam. 2 weeks tomorrow! I have been trying hard to lay back and ENJOY! I don't think I did/do a lot of that with Claire and Jake and I wish I had. Gosh he is a sweetie though. He has been really good, knock on wood. He is finally healing from his circ and umbilical cord, he's growing a TON-- and doesn't even seem newbornish anymore. The kids just love him so much. I really thought it would be more of a novelty, but they really feel the special vibe of a newborn. Mom just left, which is sad, we had fun and played for the week. Luckily it's a long weekend, and then reality will finally start to set in.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

A new "little" one...

The Muscle Man

Jake watching Sam get his first bath. Love the fogged window!

Our Family of 5!

Samuel Shaw Snedaker was born at 5:38 p.m. on Sunday February 5th. He weighed 9 lbs and 2 oz and was 22 inches long! He was one week early. Sam is a sweetheart! We are all just in love with him! After looking at the other kids baby books, we decided he looks a lot like Claire did. He has the sweetest little swirl of light brown hair on the back of his head! Samuel is a family name along with Shaw we got from Burtenshaw which is my Grandmothers maiden name.

I was set to be induced on Sunday morning at 5 am after going back and forth with my doctor. He was going out of town that afternoon. After being up all night with contractions, the hospital called at 4:30 am and said there wasn't enough staff and to come at 7. So we got to the hospital at 7 only to be sent home because there still was not enough staff. They told us they would call in a couple of hours. At 10 am my doctor called and said they still didn't have enough room and wanted to know if we could reschedule for Tuesday because he was leaving by 4 pm. He said I could still be induced but that another doctor would have to deliver. I was very emotional, but I didn't want to wait any longer even if it meant not having my doctor there to deliver. So we stuck with the plan and they called us just before noon to come back to the hospital. My doctor was there to start me at least. When we got there I was already at a 3 and 75 percent. Things were rolling by 12:30. After an hour of contractions I got the epidural. I got what they call a hot spot where one area does not respond to the medicine, basically I could feel the contractions in one area. The anesthesiologist said he only sees this every 6 months or so. He gave me 3 different kinds of medicine and luckily the 3rd one worked, otherwise he was going to redo the epidural. It also totally knocked me out and dropped my blood pressure so they had to give me something for that. Plus I was completely numb, I couldn't even roll over, wiggle my toes or anything. After that things went smoothly. The fill-in dr. was one I had never met! He was new to the practice. Unfortunately when it came time to deliver, he had to go into an emergency c-section so they had to call another doctor in to deliver, Dr. Merrill. Three doctors! It was totally like Father of the Bride part 2! Anyways, I pushed 3 times and he was out! It was a bit shocking, I didn't expect it to happen so fast! He was born with his cord around his neck, but it was loose which I guess is pretty common. We were making guesses as to how big he would be, the doctor guessed 8 and a half but I knew he looked way bigger than my other two when I saw his chunky thighs! I knew he was at least 9 lbs. He immediately peed on Chris, ha ha. And when they did his feet prints, they went off the page-- Granny said, he's a Boehme with a good understanding :) My uncles all have huge feet!
Everything went great except I was numb until about 2 in the morning! I had awesome nurses, including one that helped deliver Jake! I'm so grateful I stuck with the plan otherwise I would have ended up with a 10 pound baby! I am so so thankful that we have a healthy baby and we are just loving every minute with him.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

January in Review

I posted earlier about some goals for the new year. It really got me excited for organizing, planning and accomplishing some goals. So I got a planner and broke down my goals by month, week, and even daily and it's been working really great. I've actually been able to accomplish more than I thought. So I wanted to review each month to help me be more accountable and to see my successes so I can encourage myself to keep going. I also kind of wanted to document things I'm doing.

These were my goals for the month of January

*Read 2 books
I ended up reading a couple more
-150 Healthiest foods
-The perfect 10 diet
-Women take charge of your money
-Eat that Frog (highly recommend)

*Increase food storage
I got a 6 month plus storage of paper towels, added a bucket of flour to food storage, and 2lbs of yeast to freezer storage

*Schedule a Pedi
I scheduled and did it, and it feels good to put myself on the list!
*Service project
I've come up with 3 ideas for service projects for the year, I'm including my indexing and temple attendance in this category--check, check

*Take pictures/video of the kids
I think I got a picture and video just about every week
*Family activity
We went to the movies together.
* Deep clean
I haven't given myself a set goal for this, just that I want to get better at deep cleaning my house. I made a list of items to deep clean and have put one on the list every week. They aren't super hard, just stuff I never get around to and this has really helped me remember

* Work with Jake on his letter sounds
He's got them just about down! I'm so proud of him! Although the other day I asked him what sound the J makes, and he said "BOING" hmmm. I think it's funny he's having a hard time with this one since it's the first letter in his name, but he's been mixing up J and G, also I think it's really cute, he forgets what the letter F is called. He knows it in the song, but when you ask him what letter makes the fffff sound, he says "FEE". It makes sense too. SO cute, I am going to get him on video saying his letter sounds.

*Valentine Project
It's still on the list, I know what I want to make, but I haven't found what I'm looking for yet

*Savings plan
I'm putting together a savings priority list for the new year
* Research computer blocks
Researched it, there's some neat stuff out there, I'm still trying to believe that I can control my FB/blog addiction on my own

*Set up a chore chart for the kids
I made a chart for each of them and a chore can with chores they can pull out and worked pretty well

*Set up Goals for the kids
*Set up envelope budget
Yes! I've done this before and I'm determined to keep at it. IT's so good for staying in budget

*Declutter the basement
*Decorate the boys rooms
ALmost down, just workiing on the bedding!
*Bible study
My goal is to read the Bible cover to cover this year, I'm following a Chronological reading schedule and reading the Student Manual along with it, I've kept up!

Alot of these are the same every month and I had a lot on there setting things up.

Here are my goals for February:
*Read 2 books- I've picked out 3 so far Organized Simplicity, The Davinci Code, and Food Matters
*Family activity -sledding
*Deep clean
*Increase food storage
*Work on kids goals and chore chart
*Savings goal
*Read Bible assignments for the month
*Take Pictures/video of the kids
*Do something special for Chris
*Do Newborn photoshoot of baby
*Make hand prints of all the kids
*Make curtains for the kitchen
*Fix up paint in Claire's room

I'm excited for February!!!