Sunday, March 17, 2013

Easter portraits

Just some fun little pictures we did with their Easter outfits on. Sam was super mad, so I will probably be taking more and posting them soon!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Healthy Super easy ranch dip

My ranch dilemma has been solved! Maybe everyone knows about this already but I didn't and had to share. I try to eat salad or veggies but sometimes I just want a thick creamy ranch dip to go with it. But ranch is usually riddled with fat, sugar, and calories.
This is so easy. Add a ranch packet and 11/2 cups of cottage cheese to your food processor, process until its nice and smooth. It has less fat and 10 times the protein so you don't have to feel guilty! I think it tastes way better than sour cream or plain yogurt. Super excited about it! This is a MUST TRY recipe.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Update: The LIST 2013

Since it's March I thought I would update my progress for my goals for the year!

1. Learn the piano -- I try to practice at least five days a week for about 20-30 minutes. I've started with hymns and the Children's song book. I am seeing progress and I love the calmness it brings. It's become one of my favorite parts of the day.
2. Certify in Nutrition -- I've continued to research programs and continues reading nutrition books. Our public library is sadly outdated. I think I have decided on a program which I may not be able to start this year. We will see!
3. Reach Senior Director with Queens of Green --Hard HARD work. I won't stop!
4. Super Duper Scripture Study Plan --I need to revamp this already. I don't really have a plan like I was hoping, but it's been really good so far. Anyone know of a great scripture study guide??
5. Write an e-book -- This is in the works! I am still writing.
6. Go to the Temple 50 times in 2013 --This one was kind of one of those over the top goals, but I just wanted something that would make me go more than just my typical once per month. It's going well so far!
7. Get a new camera ---oh please can I just get this one now???
8. Pay off student loans ---We have a serious plan, I am so stinking excited about.
9. Get below 135lbs for 4 weeks --I range daily from 132-135 but I am seeing a consistently lower number. I have been working out 5-6 days a week, sometimes 2x a day and "trying" to eat well on weekdays. Also using my Queens products as well and the Body for life fitness workout/weights program from the book. I run or do elliptical 4-5 days a week and lift weights about 2-3 days per week. The best thing is that Chris is starting to notice me toning up! Yeah!

10. Read 1 book per month I read "Pinfluence" for January and I'm just finishing up "The total money makeover" (again) and "7 regrets of the dying" for Feb.
11. Finish the basement -- We may be moving, so this one is on hold for right now.
12. write a nutrition/fitness/green blog --tada! Hm well I have gone back and forth whether to keep this blog or start a new blog for my nutrition/fitness stuff. Suggestions anyone?? I don't want to lose the traffic from this blog, and it's a pain to start over!!
13. Start juicing --yes, some lovely detox juices we've had. I need to do like a serious detox.
14. Save up a secret stash of cash :) --Well I did start one, but then, you know.. So I'm starting over again :)
15. Think good thoughts -- this one has actually been really good! I write down a few GREAT thoughts for the day in my journal. I highly recommend it!
16. Make Sam's 1 year book -- scheduled for May
17. Make curtains for the front door -- scheduled for Feb. Ack!
18. Decorate the boys room -- August
19. Go visit mom and dad in DC -- April !! So excited!
20. Set family goals/rules -- These are set. Going well, Claire is still giving me grief in the morning about her "chores" but each week they do a bit better with getting their Saturday chores done.
21. Get pictures off my old computer
22. Organize photos
23. Compile my recipes into a binder -- Finished! Claire added the finishing touches to it :)
24. Create a cleaning schedule -- This is revamped, not sure if it's working, but it's good for now.
25. Bottle a whole bunch of stuff for food storage
26. Achieve my food storage goals for the year and make an inventory
27. Organize my addresses
28. Make a Christmas binder
29. Organize Christmas budget
30. Journal EVERY DAY including what I'm grateful for -- trying :)
31. Make evacuation bins
32. Make a "how to in emergency" binder
33. Set time management goals -- these are set! Now to actually achieve! I have to say I have made huge strides in getting up early. 5:30 am workouts are hard, but so nice to get them out of the way.
34. Put family videos on DVD
35. Complete budget goals
36. Make a home inventory for insurance
37. Organize closets and cabinets -- I've done all the closets, many cabinets. I still have a few of the kitchen cabinets to go through.
38. Accomplish our yearly Family Activities
39. Index and make Temple-ready names -- I have been indexing my little heart out. We are on our 2nd challenge for the youth in our ward.
40. Fast Well every month -- Did great for Jan, but terribly for Feb, Must do better for March
41. Get a new rug for the living room
42. Get a new mirror/light for our bathroom so I can SEE when I put my make up on.
43. Service project
44. Make garden tents
45. Get family pictures taken
46. Increase meditation and time in nature
47. Make quote journals for the kids -- I've started writing stuff down.
48. Go to bed early, get up early --the getting up early is getting better, but the going to bed early is NOT
49. Organize keepsakes -- that's been on my to do list ALL MONTH LONG. I am dreading this. I did get my desk cleaned off if that counts for anything, but the keepsakes are in a plastic bag at the moment. ugh.
50. Make baby shadow boxes -- I might actually get to this one soon, I've been going through the kids stuff, and may pull a few things for it.
51. help plan Kimberly's wedding!
52. DO something we've never done before. I haven't decided what this will be.. suggestions are welcome!