Friday, September 30, 2011

IT's a BOY!

That's right we are adding another little boy to our family. We are all pretty happy, the kids are super excited now and Claire is always asking when he's coming. The kids have agreed on Junior for his name. I think we narrowed down a name but we won't actually agree on anything until he comes probably. My doctor said he was measuring a week ahead. I'm glad it's a boy so the boys can share a room, and I've already got the decor planned. Jake loves how to train your dragon so we will be doing a nautical/viking theme with viking boats and old maps and maybe a dragon or two. I'm super excited to finally know what I'm doing for his room I've been trying to get it decorated for a year now! Eek. So here are a few ideas I have for the boys room.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Traveled to Snowbird to take some family pictures. The mountains were beautiful, but I Love this family--and some of the cutest kids ever!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

The fair, preschool, playtime, and a baby.

I hadn't posted about Jake's first day of preschool! He started last Friday. He's liking it and it's been so nice for me. I went visiting teaching without any kids! That hasn't happened since Claire was born. I teach preschool next week and we are doing the Letter B. I am having a Bear day and a Bug day. I have some fun snacks and crafts lined up, so I'm excited.

We went to the fair on Friday. We got the essentials-cotton candy, funnel cake, and corn on the cob. They were all delicious. We stopped to see my blue ribbon and let the kids ride the carousel. And I got enough comments and stares at the fair to convince me that I needed to share the news--we are expecting a baby in February! We are excited, it was time to add to our family and things have been pretty laid back so far in this pregnancy. Usually I'm a crazy person worrying about everything. I didn't really get too sick, a few weeks of yucky gaging morning sickness and that was it. Mostly I just need to make sure I'm eating and keeping my sugars and iron up. I started to feel the baby move really early at like 14-15 weeks. I have been having trouble maintaining-gaining weight due to my not having a gallbladder. I'm sure that won't be a problem soon enough! jake wants a boy so we can name him Tom, Claire said if it was a boy we should name him Wallace, so we could call him Walle- like the robot. But Claire wants a sister. I am happy with either, I know most people say that, but really either way would be great I think! We should be finding out here soon.

That's about all going on right now. We have been keeping busy with school, our garden and I painted my bedroom and am actually decorating it! Once we know whether its a boy or girl I can start decorating Jakes room too, he will be sharing a room no matter what. I had been trying to decorate his room for months now and I just couldn't decide what I wanted- I guess I know now why.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Fall Photos

Jake was being Mr. poser and loved playing with Chris' guitar. The best smiles were when I was dangling candy in front of them. I got a bunch I'm going to print and hang up in my house.