Sunday, July 20, 2014


Well it finally happened. Scorpion in the house. Yuck. And it was a pretty big one I should think, about 3 or 4 inches. Gross. We were folding clothes when Claire noticed it was on her leg!! Thankfully she swept if off before it stung her. Then we had to search for it through the pile of clothes. Kind of traumatizing. I'm rethinking my decision to live in the desert.
We trapped it and then had our neighbor/pest control guy come kill it for us. Thanks heavens for him! They are actually kind of cool but you don't want them in your house! But then we found ANOTHER one yesterday! It wasn't quite as big, but I sure do hope that's the last one we see for a long time. Our neighbor left his black light with us so we could go on a scorpion hunt as they glow in black light, which is actually really cool. So Jake and I went out and we did find a little baby one. It was pretty cool. Jake was having fun trying to kill it as they are pretty fast and liked to hide under the rocks in our back yard. But we got him! I wish I could figure out how to post the video. Die Scorpions.

Snow day

Our zoo had a snow day yesterday and since we got a season pass we decided go, along with the rest of the valley! But it felt so good to cool off and get out a little aggression and throw some snowballs.

They also had snow for many of the animals so a lot of them were up and active which was a nice treat. The tiger was giving us a show!

After the zoo, we decided to check out a mall nearby. I had heard it was a pretty cool mall, which was a total understatement! There was an IMAX theater, an aquarium, and every kind of toy/entertainment you could think of along with huge stores. It was a little overwhelming, but I'm sure we'll be back! I knew it had a rainforest cafe and thought the kids would love it. Which they did. We decided to stay for lunch and I couldn't believe that Sam stayed in his chair the entire time, he was just so enamored with the whole place! It was something I think the kids will remember for a long time.

They sat us next to the waterfall.

Claire trying on the $90 Anna dress at the Disney store, that she "couldn't possibly take off now!"

The mall also had a pet store so we stopped in to see the puppies, oh cuteness. We all had a hard time leaving that place! Sam even snuck away to get another glimpse of them!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Old Apache Trail

We decided to head east yesterday and landed on the Old Apache Trail. It's part of the original stage coach line and has a lot of little gems with some amazing views of the mountains. Our first stop was this little ghost town called Goldfield Mine. We toured the mine and had the most hilarious tour guide. The kids loved seeing all the old stuff. I don't know how people could live here without AC back in those days but we got a taste of it last night when our AC stopped working!! Luckily Chris was able to fix it this morning so all is right with the world. By the end we were little sweat balls and stopped over at the water tower to cool off. After the mine town, we headed towards Canyon Lake, a beautiful spot where people take their boats and some sweet swimming spots. After that we topped off our trip with a stop at another little old town called Tortilla Flats. I think they said 6 people live there. We had yummy gelato and toured their little school museum. The trail was quite curvy and bumpy, but the views were gorgeous. Despite the heat, it was a great little day trip close to the city.

The latest from my iphone:

Our Visit to Canyon Lake.

Tortilla flats and the most amazing salted caramel chocolate gelato you've ever tasted! And this kid is pretty cute too. Just one of his many faces.

The icecream place covered in dollar bills.
Claire made dresses for all her dolls. She's becoming so creative.

Just chillin at the library.
Facetime with Nana.
Shopping with this cutie.

Our first sandstorm and Jake. Can you see it?
In N Out goodness.

Seriously though, whose zoo looks like this?!
Sam's ghetto plastic bag swim cover for his hurt arm. It's getting better slowly, everyone at the pool is so nice to want updates on his little hand.
Our structure of the day chart. We started this last summer, and it's been heaven sent. The kids were having a hard time adjusting to the newness of this move, but incorporating the chart has made a huge difference in their behaviors and my sanity!
Our first day at the new house with the whole fam.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

The first holiday.

4th of July. Honestly I'm glad our first holiday away from family was this one. I've always enjoyed the 4th but it was actually really nice this year to lay low for a change. Every year the 4th is such a big deal when you live in Idaho because of the huge Freedom celebration, parades, bbqing, personal fireworks, ward breakfast, etc. So it was a nice change to see what we missed and what we didn't and make a few traditions of our own! We had thrown around the idea of heading to Cali for the weekend, but by the time we decided to go everything was booked and I wanted us to be able to relax so we staycationed :)

We hung around home during the day, and Chris took the kids swimming while I stayed with a napping Sam. Then we barbequed and began our first annual watermelon eating contest! Even little Sammy tried it.

Jake was really getting in to it.

And he was so happy when he was declared the winner. That kid and his fruit!

After dinner we headed over to watch the fireworks at the ballpark. We parked in a field and let the kids go wild with their glow sticks.

Claire trying to get her settings just right.

It was a cool show and Jake asked if we could go to another 4th of July. I think it was a success!