Sunday, June 29, 2014

Desert Bound.

This whirlwind we've been on for the last 2 months is coming to an end as we finally made it out here to the desert. We have our lives somewhat unpacked and are starting to understand this heat everyone has been telling us about. Yes, it is stinking hot. And as someone told me at the pool today, it isn't even summer yet. What?! But I'm loving it. I was made for heat I think. There are so many nuances with desert living. For instance, we have already inspected our cars and confiscated all of the crayons. They don't last a second. Also, there is no cold water. Anywhere. I'm not even sure our hot water heater is even on. It comes out of the tap hot. You don't leave the house without drinking water. If your car broke down, you'd be vapor in minutes. And instead of leaving for church 15 minutes early to get a good seat, you go early to get a good parking spot in the shade.

But I'm loving the mountains all around us, the red rock, and the palm trees everywhere. I live in a vacation. We go to the pool every. single. day. sometimes twice. The sun is out everyday. SUNSHINE. How I've missed you. There are so many opportunities here for us and I just can't wait. I'm not waiting, I'm taking in every minute, every blazing hot minute and loving it.

Yes, we are loving it here, way out in the desert.