Friday, November 23, 2012

Another thought-full Thanksgiving

After last Thanksgiving (the one where the pipe in the bathroom broke so we had no water for 2 days) I was hoping for a little less drama this year. It wasn't as crazy as last year. But it did involve throwing an impromptu Thanksgiving dinner, and the worst news of a close family friend's sudden passing. With all the busyness that comes with the holidays. I was glad to have a reality check. I was glad to remember that no matter what we get or don't get for Christmas, or how the rolls turned out for Thanksgiving, I am TRULY blessed. I have been given so much. My family is the most important thing in this world. NO. Matter. What. So I'm hugging them a little tighter and a little longer. I'm kissing their booboos until they jump out of my arms. I'm listening more intently to their words and their stories.

I am grateful for an eternal family and how they choose to put that in front of all else in their lives. What a blessing.

May God be with those who are struggling with loss. And my God bless those in need of His tender care.

So to honor his passing I want to remember the little family gems from this Thanksgiving:

As we were sitting down for our [first] Thanksgiving dinner Jake asked if he could invite some friends over for Thanksgiving. I told them, they probably wanted to be with their families for Thanksgiving. He started to tear up, "But mom, Charlie Brown gets to have all of his friends over for Thanksgiving." True, true!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Toothy Grin

This little boy has teeth!

It seemed like it took FOREVER for him to get teeth. But once he did, they just kept coming. He is the first of our kids to wait so long to get teeth, and also the first to have his top teeth both come in before his bottom teeth are both in. Kind of funny. He looks so different now. He's growing up way too fast. He's learned to pull himself up to stuff, but doesn't quite have the balance thing down yet. What a fun boy he is, just goes right along with the kids. He lOVES to splash, that kid has no fear Even when he's sucked down water a few times:) He has learned to wave and says dada. He wants to say momma, I know he does, because every time I try to get him to say it he tries to copy me. He is large, in 18/24 month clothing. He is all over the place now and eating everything he can get his hands on! We love him and his sweet little smile and adventurous spirit.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

The best. rolls. ever.

So I'm pretty picky when it comes to good quality baked good recipes. I have tried some pretty nasty homemade rolls, bread, and cinnamon rolls. I've never found a recipe that was so good in the 10 years I've been baking. That is until I was over at my aunts house last fall and tried the most delish rolls ever. They had the perfect consistency you want in a roll that is so hard to come by when you are making them homemade. I got the recipe, still skeptical that I could get them to turn out as good as my aunt's. But I have made them a few times and have come out perfectly every time! I'm so happy to finally have THE PERFECT ROLL RECIPE. And it's been under my nose this whole time! It's my Grandma's recipe :) Don't let this ugly low-quality picture fool you. They *can look perfectly round and smooth, I was just in a big hurry and didn't shape them as nicely as they deserved :)

Here it is:

Sweet Yeast Foundation Dough – Grandma Knighton

1 Yeast Cake (1 tablespoon)
1/4 - 1/2 cup Sugar*
1/4 cup Lukewarm Water
1/3 - 1/2 cup Shortening*
1 cup Milk, scalded
1 - 2 Eggs*, beaten
1 1/2 teaspoon Salt
4 3/4 cups Flour

Dissolve yeast in water. Yeast will foam when it is activated. In a large bowl mix shortening, sugar, and salt. Pour scalded milk over mixture and stir until dissolved. Let mixture cool. Add 1/4 of the flour and beat until smooth. Add foaming yeast and stir until smooth. Mix in beaten egg(s). Add enough remaining flour to make dough easy to handle. Knead until a satin finish. Place dough in a greased bowl and cover. Let rise until double. Punch down and let rise for 30 minutes. Punch down and roll our. Place dough in pan and let rise until double. Bake at 375 until a golden brown.
*If making Cinnamon Rolls use greater amounts. Roll out dough in a rectangle 1/2 inch thick. Spread dough with melted butter, brown sugar, and cinnamon. Roll up and slice into 1 1/2 inch think slices. Place in pan with caramel sauce on bottom.

Caramel Sauce
1/3 cup Butter, melted
2 tablespoons Light Karo Syrup
1/2 cup Brown sugar

Mix and bring to a boil. Cook until well mixed. Pour into the bottom of greased baking pan.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Cooked apples. Is there any better smell? We had a huge old apple tree growing up and so autumn for me is smelling apples being cooked up for applesauce or apple crisp.

We traveled down to Salt Lake this past weekend and picked apples. I've been slaving over a hot stove all day today getting the last of my tomatoes and the apples done.
A beautiful fall day :)

Monday, November 5, 2012

Island Park

Somehow this little trip fell through the blogging cracks. We went up to Island Park at the end of the summer with the whole Snedaker Clan. It was so much fun. They had so many fun things to do. Such a nice relaxing getaway. It's definitely one we would all love to do again!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

It's a comin'

October was an AMAZING month! Beautiful weather, plus a little snow. The kids were cute as can be for Halloween. We listened to amazing conference. Had a great month for Queens of Green and I'm hoping to get an advancement call for my business this month! Helping in Claire's class. Just lots of happy things.
Here's what I got done on my list:

Halloween crafts playgroup for the kids
Work on the quilt
Get a new plate set
Queens of Green goals
Organize the basement -again!! We moved ALL the toys downstairs. HEAVENLY.
Hang new family pictures
Food storage
Finish 100 day Book of Mormon challenge!!
Plan Personal progress night
Make invites for the 100 day Book of Mormon challenge Spa night
Put of vinyl signs in my bedroom and finish decorating!
Read 1 book
Start writing down goals for next year
Make Christmas cards

Christmas shopping
Ladies Only Halloween party.
Back up files
Organize important documents
Order Blurb book
Start 90 day fit challenge
Dates with the kids

Throw in that it is one of the busiest months for a photographer and ya know, the whole mom thing. I can't believe how busy I've been!

So I've determined that November will be just as crazy, with lots of photo shoots, and Queens of Green, Christmas shopping, Thanksgiving, my projects for the year I'm finishing up, travel. AND THEN, I will sit and do NOTHING for December besides enjoy Christmas with my little family drinking hot cocoa by the fire reading good books. December ALWAYS goes way too fast and this year is our 10 year Anniversary, and Sam's first Christmas, and Jake and Claire are at such fun ages. I want to soak in every second of it. I want to REALLY celebrate this year with them. I want them to be so excited that they can't contain the excitement! SO that's the plan. We shall see!

So here is November!

Mail out Christmas cards
Get new plate set
Finish Quilt top
Important documents, Safe
Queens of Green Goals
Clean kids carpets
Add to food storage--72hr meals with no heat for pantry
Back up files
Finish indexing goals for the year
Pedicures with Claire
Read 1 book
Finish 2013 Goals list
Catch up on Bible study
Plan final service project
Take videos of the kids
Order blurb book
*And any other miscellaneous projects I need to get done by the end of the year!