Monday, January 23, 2012

She's Six!

Look at that girl, she's so old!

Claire and I had such a fun day on Saturday. We went to "Her" store and got her ears pierced. She was SO brave. She didn't cry or anything! Then we shopped a bit. She already seems so grown up! After we got home, she went with Dad, Jake, Grandpa, and Parker up to Rexburg to go Snowmobiling and sledding. On Sunday, she got sung to in Primary and we had a party for her at home. We made fetticini, on of her favorites and had a Princess Tiana cake and icecream. She got some new dress-up shoes, books, and pollys from us, more squinkies and a squinkie castle from Grandma and Grandpa. She got a sterling silver hello kitty jewelery set from Nana and Papa Ray. She got a Hello Kitty doll from Parker and a card and 5 dollars from Great Grandma Knighton. I think she had a pretty good day, and she has been so responsible with cleaning her ears.
I am so proud of the person she is, she shares and is caring and thoughtful. She is so girly and I love that about her. Things would be so different without her and we are so glad she is in our family!

Happy Birthday Claire!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Chinese New Year

Everyone with their fortune cookies.

Me and Claire on my birthday.

I had a few random posts to do. My birthday was on Sunday, we went to Snedaker's for steak and chocolate cheesecake-yum!! We were celebrating Ashley's birthday also that day. For FHE on Monday we did a Chinese New Year theme. I made egg rolls and fried rice and homemade fortune cookies. The cookies were actually really easy and fun to do. The kids made dragons and we talked about other cultures and loving everyone, even if they are different. It was fun.

Jake has been doing at-home preschool since September and it's been going really well. I have noticed the kids attention spans are growing. Today was my day to teach the letter P so we had a prince/princess day. The kids dressed up, we made crowns, and ate tea (water) and cakes and made prince and princess puppets. I just had to take a little picture of the gang. They really play well together and are very good listeners.

Monday, January 9, 2012

We had some toole left over, and Claire has been asking for some new dress-up clothes, so we made her a little dress. She did a great job picking out the colors for the ribbons. Next she wants to make slippers. Hmm.

Here is Jake on his first day of Primary. He did pretty well, I was nervous. He said a few things to the entire primary I wish he had left to himself, but at least he is interested and participating. I even caught him trying to learn the words to the song. He's so old!

Both of the kids are so excited for baby brother to come and I love that they are excited, it makes my heart happy. I know they will just love and dote on him and I can't wait.

I love my kiddos :)

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Christmas 2011

Me and the handsome hubby

All of my siblings

Our little family in front of the Salt Lake Temple

The grandkids at temple square

Jake and daddy

An interesting Christmas to say the least. It was nice that it was on a Sunday, we were able to go to church. Friday was the Snedaker Christmas party, with lots of yummy food, we did chimes, and the 12 pains of Christmas, plus a fun round of white elephant. Christmas eve we went out to breakfast, and to the Muppet movie, then went to Snedaker's for a bit and had a little Christmas devotional and read the Nativity and open presents. We came home and read the night before Christmas and the kids opened up their Christmas pjs. We did Christmas morning at our house and travelled to Utah to see my family after church. The kids have been playing contentedly with their presents since we got back. From Santa, Jake got a bumblebee transformer, a giant dinosaur and robot and Claire got a Jessie doll, a crib life doll, and a playmobile set. Santa also brought our family a WII. Since we don't have cable, it will be nice to stream stuff onto our tv. I got a new camera, and Chris got a new Beatles album and guitar book. Claire also got a new dress, and a piggybank. Jake got playmobile stuff from us and the grandparents.

testing out my new camera Christmas morning on my willing assistant :)

Claire's new piggy bank

Jake playing with his bumblebee transformer.

Henna belly, can you tell what it is??

Swimming buddies

While in Utah we went to Temple square to see the lights, we went up to Heber city to see my great Aunt Ruby, did lots of shopping and the kids fought and played--a lot. I was able to sneak in a makeover and a movie with Hilary and got my belly painted by my talented Aunt Amy plus some fun tinsel extensions. We also took the kids swimming at the aquatic center in Bountiful with their cousins. When I say we, I mean, Chris got in with them while I took pictures :)Both the kids went down the huge slide!