Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Little girl..

Boy, this girl is going to be a heartbreaker!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


We had a really great Halloween. In the morning Claire had a Halloween party and parade at school. She was a cowgirl. I made her costume by copying the cowboy outfit Jake had last year. Jake had preschool and then we met over at the library for story time and a parade. He was dressed as a dragon slayer/warrior. When we got home we carved pumpkins. Jake would not put his hand inside the pumpkin! The kids did trick or treating, the weather was pretty good and I made homemade donuts. It was a really good day. Jake is attached to his candy though and had to sleep by it. I went in to check on him and he had fallen asleep under the bed, no doubt he was sneaking candy and hiding from me! Luckily I was able to get his candy away from him for a few minutes this morning to clean it out and left a few pieces and he didn't notice thankfully. He would have eaten the entire pile of candy in one day I'm sure of it. We had our annual Halloween party, it was couples this year. We had a pretty good turn out and of course I didn't take any pictures of the event. We did a few games, mostly socialized and had a costume contest. We had some pretty fun costumes in the group! I went as a farmer (I thought it would be appropriate with the belly) and he was my wife :0 - that was fun! We also went to the Halloween playgroup party and the ward halloween dinner. I won a pedicure at the silent auction. October went SO fast. I still have more house projects to work on ie: the boys room and now I will be able to focus on that and Christmas!!!

Update on us

I need to update everyone on what's going on with us! My sister Jocelyn moved to Idaho in October and has been living with us for a few weeks until she finds an apartment. She is working as a CNA at a nursing home here in Idaho Falls. It's been nice having a live-in babysitter and family member close!

Claire started basketball a few weeks ago. She had her 2nd game on Saturday and he is getting better! She took her first shot, missed, but didn't give up which is what we are most proud of. There is one other girl on her team, and she plays with mostly boys which has been challenging for her, but good. She is loving Kindergarten, we went to her first reading night, it was pirate themed and had a good time. We are supposed to be reading to her 20 minutes a night, and we have been having her read to us the last 5 minutes every night. She is reading so well and still drawing like crazy, it's definitely her favorite pastime. Since Jocelyn has been staying with us, Jake has been sleeping in Claire's room and they have gotten closer because of it. Claire wants to put bunk beds in her room and have Jake stay :)

Jake is doing well. His vocabulary seems to be growing because I am noticing more and more words that he cannot pronounce correctly. I wish I would write them down! They are so cute! He is doing preschool and enjoying being with friends. Preschool has been a little dramatic so far. We lost 3 kids, added one, had a bout of chicken pox and plenty of sniffles to keep us on our toes. Hopefully it will calm down! But he likes it. He is obsessed with naming the baby. Charmsformer and Walle (insert disney voice here) are his top names so far. He LOVES playing outside-well they both do, they spend the majority of their time outside riding bikes and playing with all the neighborhood kids, specifically Emma and Aiden who live just a few houses down. I got a picture of the crew last week. They sure do have fun! He is still a crazy eater. He doesn't really care for meals, but snacks constantly and probably eats about at least a pound of apples every week all by himself. Good thing he likes fruit, bad thing he likes candy and can sniff it out.

This is the belly at 25 weeks. I have really popped out. I feel big, and I am measuring 3 weeks ahead. It can't have anything to do with all the Halloween candy lying around I'm sure! I have had lots of fun with my veins bugging me, which is a family trait, and fun leg cramps at night. I've gained 10 pounds so far and can still fit in to a couple pairs of pants. I have pretty much been craving sweets, this poor baby! I ate sweets with Jake and now he has no control! I'm pretty much uncomfortable already and I can tell I've gotten older, my body just isn't keeping up as well as before. I have been busy with our annual Halloween party, house projects, couponing and photog. It's finally getting chilly out and I'm gearing up for the Holidays, already have a few presents bought.

Chris is working hard. He has been really busy with work, they are doing some merger/acquisitions which means he will just be getting busier. He's playing basketball again on Saturday mornings and is busy in the Elder's quorum.

We got rid of our dish a few weeks ago and our dvd player is not working too well so we have really cut down our tv watching. It will be interesting once it starts snowing and we aren't going out as much! The kids have been playing games on the ipod and computer.

Anyways there's a bit of an update on us!

Uncle Joey

It's taken me a while to get this blog post up. I knew I wanted to blog about it, but it's a hard thing -death, you want to forget the pain, but not the person, but you can't really have one without the other. Uncle Joe was only 40 years old when he passed away from the result of a hunting injury. It was very random, very unbelievable. The randomness of everything has actually been very comforting to me because I know that there is a God up there working everything and in several ways the Lord could have changed the outcome, but he didn't. That helps me know that it was his time to go, despite the suddenness of it. Chris and I both had some really neat spiritual experiences through this whole thing and I felt personally the awesomeness of the Lord in being able to bring about such good from such tragedy. This is the first real tragedy I have had to go through and I've learned a lot and I hope it never happens again. This is going to sound funny, but this was my first experience with death and having Facebook. It's been an amazing tool for out family to stay close through it, but It's really hard to get on Facebook and not cry when you read all the comments and condolences!

So logistics. We went down to Utah on Thursday and spent the whole weekend with family. Everyone in my family was able to travel to Utah to be there. It was so good to see everyone and have that support. The funeral was on Monday and boy was it unique! They had a brass band and played Metallica. They told jokes, and danced. It was as fun as a funeral can get I think. He was dressed in his camos and a t-shirt. At the viewing there was a line wrapped through the hallways of the funeral home and out the door, much of the night. It was really neat. I have never liked viewings because I don't really want to remember the person that way, but I never regret saying good bye. It's hard, but very therapeutic. I have been really impressed with the strength of Derrick and Erin and Stephanie through the ordeal. They were/are still such a close little family and they have amazing faith. My papa dedicated the grave which was another really neat experience. I wanted to put his obituary on this to remember it.

Joseph Don "Joe" Boehme

10/20/1970 ~ 10/3/2011
Joe Boehme left us this week while in the place he loved most, the mountains outside of Panguitch, Utah on a "damned good day to say the least". Joe was born in Bountiful to Don and Janet Boehme. He went to Woods Cross High where he was the last Drum Major for the Woods Cross marching band in its heyday. He then took his talents to the Concord Blue Devils and the University of Utah. Then "one day at band camp", he met the love of his life, Stephanie D. Holbrook. Their son, PFC Derrik Matthew Boehme, and daughter "Princess" Erin D. Boehme, were constant sources of pride. With a strong back and a stronger heart, he worked for Smith's Warehouse in Layton for 20 years to support his family he loves. In his free time, he took care of his chickens and tended a large garden. He was an avid outdoorsman. He loved camping, hunting and fishing. What he loved most was family, friends, and laughing. He was selfless to a fault. He'd give you the shirt off his back, and buy you an extra. He always managed to hit every red light. Joe is remembered around the world for his smile, his laughter, and his great hugs. He was amazing with children, and beloved by his nieces and nephews. Joe was quick to love, and was always telling people he loved them.
He was striving every day to be more and more like his Dad and his brother Matt. He was fiercely patriotic and a proud supporter of the Armed Forces.
He will be missed by many friends and family. "Don't cry, be strong." - Joe
Funeral services will be Monday, October 10, 2011 at 11:00 a.m. at the Myers Mortuary, 250 N. Fairfield Rd., Layton, where family and friends may call Sunday evening from 6-8 p.m. and Monday from 10:00 - 10:45 a.m. prior to services. Interment, Syracuse City Cemetery.

Those words "don't cry, be strong." were his last words.

We love him and know that we will see him again and KNOW that he is watching over our family. We will miss him greatly in the mean time.