Saturday, January 23, 2010

Pink Pink Pink

Claire and I threw a pink party for her on Friday. We had pink popcorn balls, pink drinks, pink candy, pink decorations, she got to wear her new pink party dress, we made pink bracelets and ate pink cake. She had 7 of her girlfriends come over to celebrate.

I attempted a fondant cake which was actually more fun to decorate than a regular frosting cake.

Later that evening we had family over and had MORE cake and lots MORE presents.

It was a fun day. I took her to "her" store in the morning (Claire's) so she could pick something out and she ended up with a really cute little music box. Then I let the kids play at the mall play area and then we had pizza for lunch. For dinner she requested spaghetti. It was a nice day simply because I let her do whatever she wanted so there were very few arguments! If only I could do that everyday...

Four is so old. I get worried sometimes that she won't like me when she gets older simply because we butt heads constantly already. But at very least she DOES know that I love her and try to do the best for her and I hope that's enough.


Monday, January 18, 2010

Well checks

I took the kids in for their well checks, Claire for her 4 year and Jake for his 18 month. Jake was about 60% for everything, which I thought was odd because he seems so huge to me. Claire was 85% for height which also surprised me. They are both busy and crazy and keep me very busy. Jake is at the stage where he will repeat most words so he's learning a few new words everyday. He also understands me really well and will tell me yes or no to questions and he seems pretty dead on with his answers which is sooo nice because he never has to whine or cry for what he wants. This is something I am still working with Claire on! Claire is the little mommy to Jake. She dresses him and disciplines and is a good helper with Jake. She still gets devastated when she can't wear a dress. We just got her a twin sized bed that she really likes. She likes to eat "helpy" (healthy) snacks and every night while she's brushing her teeth she does her "night hair". Basically she combs it with water and gets it all wet and then adds some kind of hair product like hair spray or leave in conditioner to make it soft. At one point she was putting antibacterial hand soap in because it smelled nice. My kids definitely keep me busy. The other day I caught Jake dipping his toothbrush in the toilet and Claire was right next to him playing-I guess she didn't seem to think it was a big deal! Then later I found Jake lying on the table eating chocolate and half a tube of Claire's chapstick!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

2009 in photos

I picked one or two pictures from each month.

My Claire

What would life be like without her? Definitely duller. She is so full of life and I love her for it. Is she really turning 4? The baby is just about out of her and somehow it makes me miss her. I can't even remember that little baby she once was. I took this picture on Sunday. Her first day in Primary. She did great!