Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Busy Busy

So we headed to Salt Lake this past weekend to visit family and go to our good friend Karly's wedding.

I was able to make it to a really fun Twilight party and midnight premier with my sisters Hilary, Kimberly and Tiffany. We had some really fun girl time. Oh and the movie was awesome.

This is us girls with our vampire teeth.

The wedding was beautiful and it was so fun to see old friends from Fargo.

I got to see my good friend Tina who I haven't seen in quite a few years. We had a really fun time.

I also had to post some pictures of Claire, her choice of outfits these days are becoming more and more interesting. Please note the fact that she still has her pajama top on in both pictures and her pink skirt is in fact on upside down. I still don't know how she did that. Doesn't she look old.

Oh and here's one of Jake just for fun, cause he's cute. By the way, he started sitting up on his own this weekend and now he's a pro.

Friday, November 14, 2008


What did I do before you o blogspot? I can't believe we've been together a year. The memories we've shared, the time we've spent. I will always have a special place in my heart for you.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Family Pictures

Well after a few bad picture experiences I decided not to go to a studio for pictures and instead found a photographer from BYU-I. She did a great job, I'm thoroughly pleased.
There's one more really cute family picture, but you'll have to wait until you get our Christmas card. Oh if you'd like a Christmas card and you know I don't have your address, leave me an email.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Irony of Motherhood

I will always want to be a mom. But, now that I've experienced the joy that comes with it and the complexities of the job I find great irony in it all. Sometimes I wish I could have a thousand little children. I would never tire to hear their sweet sounds and be a part of the way they begin to understand the world, and it's always in such a unique way. Sometimes I wish I could take it back, erase it all so I don't have to feel the pain that comes when my child is hurt or sad. How could I bring a child into a world in which the future looks so bleak? How could I allow this baby who is so perfect and so innocent to be influenced by such evil in the world. My own selfishness tells me not to have any more because it will "interfer" with the rest of my life. Yet on the other end, my selfishness tells me to have as many as I can so I can savor the sweetness of life, despite the trials I know they'll face. I willingly go through the aches and pains of pregnancy, the length of which is just long enough for me to go so crazy that I am desperate for the onset of painful childbirth just so it can be over with. I do all of that and they come out looking like their father. And when my child is here, I am somehow able to forget it over time, so that I'm willing to do it all over again.
Just when I feel like I can't take another minute of it, they do something new and amazing making me want for a million more minutes. When all I want to do is crash in bed and sleep forever, yet I can't help myself from jumping at the slightest noise fearing they need me, or wake from the silence, fearing there is something wrong. Just when I feel like I could walk out the door and never come back, I hear that cry. The "I need you" cry that changes everything in that moment from -all about me- to -all about them- and I'm so okay with that. When that happens, the automatic mother switch turns on and I am somehow an extension of myself, beyond what I could be alone, but by some amazing power, some transformation, I can be what my child needs. Nuturer, protector, nurse, sustenance, womb, enforcer, merciful, piggy back ride-giver. With the passing of each day, full of joy and sorrow, I am the reciever of the world's largest invisible gift. I get the job that gets no thanks, but recieves the most glory. I do the tiny jobs that everyone else seems to forget, and just when I think I get no respect, I turn back and see what I really accomplished and somehow through all of those millions of tiny details I've been able to create productive beings that through my tiny deeds, might just change the world. Do I deserve that? All I have to do are these tiny things each day and I get to help God create, mold man? Is it just that simple? or is it just that hard? And then I think of my mother, who did everything for everyone so nonchalantly, who did it all with such a great attitude and light-heartedness and I can't imagine how she let us grow up. And then I think of my Heavenly Mother, the silent partner in it all. This silence that respect commands, but that she doesn't deserve because she wants to be a part of it all. The one who sits back and has to watch us make the mistakes we do, how we hurt each other. Yet, when it's over, I suspect she'll be the one first in line at the pearly gates to welcome us home.
In every instance, I am overwhelmed by motherhood, whether it's the difficulties of it or the joys. I mourn for the past, the precious moments that have gone, yet embrace the coming future, the precious moments yet to come. I look into their tiny faces and I see my past and my future. I see their grandparents and their grandchildren.
I think of all of this. God wanted me to experience all of this? Things that I don't think I will ever comprehend, joy from sorrow and sorrow from joy. I don't understand any of it, but somehow through it I feel love; and I realize that is the purpose of it all.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

5 Months Old

Our little Jake is 5 months old. Where has the time gone? I was thinking about the first time I saw him and how his big beautiful blue eyes just took my breath away. That will always be one of my favorite memories from that day.

He is FINALLY sleeping through the night, yeah! No teeth yet, but probably soon. He has had rice cereal a few times and still doesn't know what to think of it, but he actually keeps it in his mouth now. His hair is getting longer in the front, and everyone is telling me how much he has grown and how much he looks just like his daddy. He is rolling, giggling, being shy, having tantrums when he's tired, drooling like crazy, going to sleep on his own, and so desperately wants to be able to move on his own. He also loves his sister who gets him to laugh all the time.

We love our Jakey.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Halloween was a lot of fun this year. Claire got so excited at everyone's costumes. She saw a mermaid and was like "Wow a mermaid", she definitely made that little girls day. To start off the day I took the kids over to Chris' office and had Claire "trick or treat" around. I hadn't been there yet, so it was fun to meet everyone and see Chris' spiffy- very bare office.
Then I took the kids over to ToysRUS they had their little parade and stations with candy, stickers, coloring pages, etc. and Geoffrey the Giraffe was there. Claire was terrified of course, but she still had fun.

After Chris got off work we went to the Boo At the Zoo, it was really fun, and there were a TON of people. I have to say that night time is definitely one of the best times to go to the zoo, all the animals were out and very active. There was a some kind of "cat" that was yelling the whole time and it sounded like a man being torchered, it was fitting for Halloween. They had lots of booths to trick or treat at and games. Jake slept the whole time, I think cause his costume was so snugly. He slept most of the day actually. They had tons of jack o lanterns which lit everything up. It was fun seeing Claire enjoy it so much.

After the zoo we got a "pumpkin" pizza, (just shaped like one, from Papa Murpheys) and rented "Leatherheads", great flick by the way and gave out candy. We had a great Halloween and are excited for the coming holidays, we already created our Thanksgiving menu.

And hope you had a great B-day DAD!

Is everyone out voting today??